lundi 6 octobre 2014

Heart and Memory "Key Operation"

Vivid system

Next-generation operating system that armed Kenjiro has developed over half a lifetime, can only compete with alone. "Even vision engine, by-products to develop this in a certain sense," says Kenjiro. With a key called "key operation", the first one is committed to Akane from Kenjiro, trigger trigger was generated from the palette suits Akane the other three.

Palette suit

Akane us be worn by Vivid system, the next generation arm versus suits for alone. To be transformed by the operation keys have their own. Activate code "ignition! Texture On!". Look's diatomaceous of color guard wind exposed limbs but, dramatically raising the defense force or physical ability of the wearer, it also allows for a free flight by ion injection craft acceleration and mass control. Because it is financed by revelations energy without an electrical circuit inside, is supplied directly from the vision engine is full-featured, energy consumption of vision engine is increased greatly when worn. In addition, it also has a function that covers the eyes in color glass beggarly as an option to hide the real face, but rarely used.

Docking operation

By palette suit wearer of the two people fused to one person, to form a power engine of metaphysical called Vivid engine, that of the operations to maximize the power of vivid system. One of the blue-Wakaba-sunflower, invoked by the amount of Akane kiss to , it changes to a warrior one with a completely new appearance different from any of the two. Raise the bid "Vivid ○○ (color palette suit of the person enters kiss)! Operation!" And, it is to handle a weapon that has been increased in size during the docking completion.

Specifications, can become the base point of the docking system it only suits Akane, it is not possible for example Wakaba and Aoi and dock. Therefore, while obtained a mighty force of about bury the bottom of the blow-alone, neck operational to be triggered not Akane is sidelined also suffer.

End in failure for each other to share the heart and memory of each other during the docking, and there is a hesitation in mind. Personality of the two parties is maintained separately or after docking, but Akane operation of the body, (thus speaks by moving the mouth of one person is responsible for the control of weapons and vivid engine it is the role of Akane ). Deathblow to shoot at 200% power to the critical engine is referred to as a "Final Operation".

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